Major League Hacking 2022 Hackathon Season


24 Hour Beginner Friendly Online Hackathon

University of Toronto
November 6-7, 2021

About us

Join 300 hackers at NewHacks to transform your ideas into reality! In this 24-hour event, you and your team will build a project from scratch through the integration of hardware and software. Afterwards, you will present your project to a panel of industry judges to compete for prizes. This year, the themes for NewHacks are health, productivity, and safety/privacy - so be creative with your solutions and win some amazing prizes!

Our hackathon is designed for anyone to participate, regardless of whether or not you have a technical background. To help facilitate your learning experience, we will host workshops throughout the event featuring speakers from some of the top companies in the industry. This hackathon will be completely online so you can use any software/hardware that you have at home!

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  • What is a hackathon?
    A hackathon is a big bonanza where people come together to create projects together with the newest and most exciting tech.
  • How much does it cost?
    $0! IEEE UofT is a student club that aims to provide students accessible technical events.
  • Can we buy hardware and use it in our project?
    Yes, you may buy hardware and use it towards your project. However, please remember that this is only a 24-hour hackathon and it may take time for your hardware to be delivered.
  • Who can apply? What if I have no experience?
    Applicants that are currently in either highschool or university are welcomed to apply! We are a beginner friendly hackathon, so no hackathon experience is needed to participate! We are all here to learn :)
  • What software/hardware can we use?
    As this hackathon is online, you can use any of the software or hardware that you have available at your house.
  • Is this hackathon online?
    Yes, this hackathon will be hosted completely online using multiple online communication platforms so you can enjoy the hacking experience from the comfort of your home.


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